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Are you interested in learning how to utilize the Montessori method in your home?

Parents throughout the country are now homeschooling their children. While much of the focus is on virtual learning, even this shift requires parents to set up learning environments in the home. This may mean re-configuring the dining room to accommodate multiple learners or creating a desk area in a child’s bedroom.

For parents with young children, a learning environment cannot be confined to a table or a corner. Toddlers and preschoolers learn by moving and doing. Therefore, the entire household, for the very young, is their learning environment.

How can parents best modify their environments to accommodate the young child’s constant exploration?

One way is to become familiar with the Montessori philosophy and methods and gradually implement some of the organization and materials into your home.

For instance, young children watch their adults and learn by copying them. They want to do real work, such as sweeping and dusting, making snacks, washing dishes. Montessori classrooms provide child-sized materials that allow for these Practical Life activities, and these same opportunities can be set up in the home. Many lessons do not require purchasing expensive materials but can be organized using materials already at hand.

In addition to Practical Life activities, Montessori curriculum includes four other categories: Sensorial, Literacy, Math, and Culture. Each one can be brought into the home.

I am offering one-on-one, virtual Montessori Coaching sessions for parents who would like to learn the Montessori method and incorporate it in their homes. These sessions are appropriate for parents with children ages infant to seven.

Fees are $30 per 30 minutes. I would recommend one or two sessions per month. Please see “Get Started” section on this website for my contact information.

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