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Insurance: Aetna, Anthem, BC/BS, Bright Health, Centivo, Cigna, Foster Source, Friday Health Plans, Kaiser, Lucent, Optum, UMR, and United Health Care. I run all of my insurance-based services through SonderMind.

My fees for cash-based services are $90 for one hour and $120 for ninety minutes.

If you are using your medical insurance for services, I accept the fee paid by your insurance company and do not charge an additional co-pay.

Intitial Consultation w. Disclosure: 1.5 hrs @ $150


Individuals & Families Sessions:

1 hr @ $90

1.5 hrs @ $120


Couples Couseling

1 hr @ $90

1.5 hrs @ $120

Life Coaching = Self-pay @ $75 hr / Discounts available with purchase of blocks of sessions. 

One of the advantages of life coaching over counseling services is that you do not receive a mental health diagnosis in order to access services, and you do not have a mental health file. This also true for Employment Assistance Programs (EAP). 

Business Meeting
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