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Counseling & Life Coaching

Iris Consulting offers two primary services to people seeking to

improve their lives and relationships. 


COUNSELING. The first service is traditional medical counseling, also called psychotherapy. The purpose of counseling is to identify mental and behavioral issues that are negatively impacting a person's ability to function in their life and relationships. The client is assessed at an intake session and the therapist makes a diagnosis, and along with the client, writes and implements a treatment plan that guides the work. Typical goals are to alleviate the symptoms the client is experiencing and to help the client improve aspects of their lives, such as emotional self-regulation and improved relationships. The counselor may work with other medical providers to address clinical issues, such as depression and anxiety that may require medical intervention. Clients may utilize their health insurance coverage to pay for the fees for this service. 


LIFE COACHING. The second service offered is life coaching, which utilizes psychology as a positive force for change. The motivation for working with a life coach is typically a strong desire to make changes in one's life, but an inability to know where to start. There are multiple dimensions to life - work, education or training, health, relationships, parenting. There are also deeply personal goals, such as pursuing an artistic career. A life coach helps clients assess each area of life and set reasonable, achievable goals. Once the plan has been established, the coach helps track achievements and helps the client stay motivated. Life coaching is a fee-based service and is not covered by health insurance.


An initial consultation will determine which service is best for you. Whether we work using a therapeutic approach or a life coaching approach, I can help you set goals and develop the habits and skills you need to meet the challenges and emotional struggles you encounter. 

Your Questions Answered

How do I decide which service to use?

We will make that determination together during your initial consultation. 

Getting started involves participating in an initial consultation with me to determine whether or not life coaching is the appropriate way for us to work. If you are currently experiencing adverse psychological symptoms (such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, trouble with eating, etc.), I will recommend that we work in a traditional therapeutic relationship (medical counseling), in which case you can use your health insurance coverage for your fees.

How can I book an initial session?

You can call or text me at 719.963.0428 in order to book an initial session.  

PLEASE NOTE: All sessions are held in online video sessions or on the telephone.

What are your fees?

My cash-based fees are $90 hour / $120 for 90 minutes. I accept the following insurances: Aetna, Anthem, BC/BS, Bright Health Plan, Cigna, Foster Source, Friday Health Plans, Optum, TriWest, UMP, and United Healthcare. Rates for insurance-based services are determined by the individual plan. 


In some circumstances, I offer sliding-scale fees for self-paying clients. For instance, coaching clients will receive a discount for purchasing a block of sessions. 

Flowers on a balcony

"You cannot control what happens to you in life, but you can always control what you will feel and do about what happens to you."

Harold S. Kushner

Get Started

Thank you for your interest! Let's talk about what kind of services are best for you.

 Please call or text me to get started. 


For telephone inquiries, be sure to leave me a voice mail with your name and phone number.

For email or FAX inquiries, please put "PROSPECTIVE CLIENT" in subject line.


FAX: 719.213.2678

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